A 5-Min Read to Know the Details on Notion Consulting

Notion Consulting is for anyone with the passion to provide their expertise for businesses. Although there are a lot of Notion Consultants, the number of Certified Notion Consultants is very low.

A 5-Min Read to Know the Details on Notion Consulting

Notion Consulting? – What’s the basics of it?

Well to start about Notion, it is a tool that has taken the IT world by a whooshing storm and is gaining a cult following. Notion Consultants are becoming the Eminem of Rap Music as a "product as a service" profession. To know its popularity, you may search  on sites like Fiverr, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Basically, the consultants are trusted productivity experts &solution architects who have mastered tactical skills and teach others how to take use of its nearly limitless possibilities. However, a few people do decide to become the certified consultants. They work in a variety of industries and will often help people/companies improve their Notion skills, even going so far as to create templates and procedures for them.

How to become a Notion Consultant?

It's a Notion mastermind who lends their expertise to businesses in need. They design unique workspaces and offer on-demand services to companies of all sizes. A  Consultant might be anyone. However, the only need is a passion for this incredible program and a desire to share it with the rest of the world. Also, you may learn how to utilize Notion by watching videos on YouTube, taking paid classes, or doing it yourself.

What can Notion be used for?

· For Business - Create internal company dashboards, client portals, bespoke project management systems, wikis, or even just a cool method to present/share information with this idea for business. Notion is collaborative, which is a terrific approach to increase openness while reducing meeting time.

· For Personal Use - Notion is more than just a productivity tool. Notion is becoming more and more popular as a tool for journaling, grocery shopping, and even creating dream trip bucket lists. For example, you can use it for generating attractive 'digital merch,' as evidenced by the 'Visual Albums' created for Beyonce and Frank Ocean.

· For Students - Students have taken to Notion to help them manage their course loads. You'll see student dashboards if you search the hashtags #studytwt and #notiontwt on Twitter. Simple Lectures& Class Notes and Aesthetic Student Planner themes have constantly been among the most popular templates available.

It is VERY diverse

Notion Consultants can push tools like Notion to underrepresented and non-traditional tech audiences so they are not left behind. Likewise, when you first start using Notion, you will come across the Notion community and will be astounded that something you had only been using for business could have such a cult-like following.

However, you might feel out of place because the faces you will see are typical of most tech audiences – white, male, middle-to-upper class, or all of the above. Also, you can learn more about the journey of a professional Notion Consulting personnel by learning on various platforms like YouTube, or taking paid courses. Also, the most exciting part of growing your platform will surely be seeing people from non-traditional tech audiences, particularly people of all colors.

Agencies and small teams are all almost similar

If you have spent enough time in creative agency and small teamjobs, you will know that everyone has the same basic questions to get through the day:

·       What are we working on?

·       What's the status of the project?

·       What information do we require to complete the task?

As a Notion Consulting professional, you will discover that every business client you deal with requires a system to manage the above, as well as any other internal documentation/processes.

You will be constructing complex “Notion companies’ engine” template that you will probably need to customize for each company you’ll work with, which manages the flow of information for customers > projects >meetings > tasks > resources & any additional needs/information they may have.

To be honest, life is too short to be confused - Notion allows you to design dashboards that display all of your key data at once. Taking the time to construct contextual dashboards/template workflows in Notion effectively saves you time and stress, allowing you to spend more time on business and the things you enjoy rather than admin/meetings.

Keep it Simple

Undoing over-engineered workspaces is becoming a more common component of Notion Consulting service. People will develop or acquire over-engineered systems full of things they don't have time to track. Although templates are useful, if you, as a Consultant do purchase a Notion template, a decent first step is to go through it and conceal or develop views that are more valuable to you.

Keep the following in mind when creating a Notion system:

·       Is it necessary to create a data base, or can it simply be a list?

·       Create navigation links that assist you get to your destination with the fewest number of clicks feasible.

·       Always create tables inline so that you may later create dashboards from these pages.

·       Toggles can be used to hide information that is too large or intimidating.

·       Have a 'dashboard page' that has all of your other pages; this will make it easier to find stuff, especially if you're working with a group.

It is so much fun

Becoming a member of the Notion Consulting service community can become an unexpectedly healthy part of your life. There are numerous Notion communities to join outside of the ambassador community. As an additional advice you can try participating in Twitter discussions, but it's up to you to discover the community and specialty that you relate with the most and go with it.

Notion is only limited by your imagination. It isn't necessary for it to be a 'productivity' tool. There is even the Notionette, a lifestyle zine with women from all over the world, based on an original Notion-Zine template by a popular Consultant, Frances Odera Matthews.

You can be into your official ‘Notion Consulting Service Journey' after utilizing Notion for a few years. The list above is only a small sample of everything you can learn. Yet, you can still learn new things every day.